Anew Realty Team

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About Us

Anew Realty LLC is located at 803 Coliseum Boulevard, Montgomery, Alabama, inside Charlie Davis Motors. J Denise Davis is the owner and broker of this agency. Anew Realty is here to provide the people of the Tri-County and surrounding areas with the opportunity to make a change starting right at home.

As we grow, we understand the importance of building a solid foundation. Our team wants to help you take the steps to become a first-time homebuyer. We’ll even help you find a new home and sell your old one if you’re considering a change. Are you looking to open a business? We support your dream and want to you find the perfect location to showcase your business. The opportunity for you to start a new foundation begins today. Are you ready for the transformation?

“Our Story”

Words of J. Denise Davis

Owner, Denise Davis, had a notion to do something one day that she could not fully understand in the beginning. Her ultimate dream was to have an establishment that supported a community and give her a name of her own. She always had a great love for real estate and felt that this was a God-manifested opportunity. Unsure of what the future had store, she felt she wasn’t quite yet ready for the changes that were about to take place. She decided to step out on faith and take a chance at building her own foundation. This opened up the doors for many other great opportunities.

Speaking into existence.

Months after Anew Realty began operations, she received a call from her very first agent who insisted she be given the opportunity to grow with the company. That agent proved she was ready for the job, and within the first six months she had made over $1,000,000 in net sales. That was six happy families Anew was able transition into new homes. This was only the beginning.

She gained five (5) more agents within a few months of the agency opening. One of the agents proved she was ready for the job brining in over $800,000 in net sales in the first three months of joining the team.

Who is Anew Realty Team?

We are a team of skilled and knowledgeable real estate professionals. Each one of our agents, to include our broker, brings a certain uniqueness to this business that leaves a lasting impression on the people we encounter.